Main topics

Each section will consist of one or more main topics, for details please see table below. Other themes than the main topics are also welcome and will be discussed separately. Each section is coordinated from one or two members of the organisation committee.

Section Main topics Coordinators
Stone fruit Plant protection, post-harvest, cultivars Francois Warlop, GRAB
Small fruit, wild fruit Cultivars, Soil borne diseases, cultivation systems, pests Barbara Pfeiffer, LVWO
Disease Control in Pome fruit Scab, sooty blotch, fire blight Marc Trapman, Bio Fruit Advies
Sascha Buchleither, KOB
Fruit quality and storage treatments Extended "bioquality", influence of preharvest factors, postharvest treatments Dr. Franco Weibel, FIBL
Soil management Tree strip management, soil fertility Dr. Franco Weibel, FIBL
Pest control
in Pome fruit
Codling moth, woolly apple aphid

Jutta Kienzle, Kernen
Peter Triloff, MaBo

Cultivars (Pome fruit) Developments and prospects in breeding, new cultivars and market

Dr. F. Ruess, LVWO
Dr. U. Mayr, KOB

Crop regulation Fruit setting, fruit thinning Dr. Markus Kelderer, Laimburg
 Low input systems, measures for more biodiversity, modelling Hanne Lindhard,





Organizing committee

Jutta Kienzle, Foeko e.V., Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Sabine Zikeli, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Prof. Dr. Claus P.W. Zebitz, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Dr. Markus Kelderer, Research Centre Laimburg (I)
Barbara Pfeiffer, LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Franz Ruess,  LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Sascha  Buchleither, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Dr. Ulrich Mayr, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Bart Timmermans, Louis Bolk Institute (NL)
Marc Trapman, Bio Fruit Advies (NL)
Dr. Michael Friedli, FIBL (CH)
Francois Warlop, GRAB (F)
Dr. Peter Triloff, Marktgemeinschaft Bodenseeobst (D)
Hanne Lindhard, GartneriRådgivningen (DK)
Andreas Spornberger, BOKU Wien (AT)
Dr. Eligio Malusa, RIH Skierniewice (PL)