Proceedings 2002

Fruit-growing – Resistance breeding
Fruit-growing – Insect control
Fruit growing – Control of Sooty blotch
Fruit growing – Control of harvest disease
Fruit growing – Control of apple scab
Fruit growing – fruit quality and fruit thinning
Viticulture – copper replacement and plant defence
Viticulture – copper replacement by use of plant extracts and plant defence
Viticulture – practical experience in organic viticulture
Posters fruit-growing
Posters viticulture

Fruit-growing – Resistance breeding

Breeding apples with durable disease resistance
M. Kellerhals, C. Kesper, B. Koller, C. Gessler

Yield and quality of new scab-resistant apple varieties
Franz Rueß

Alleyway groundcover management and scab resistant apple varieties
H. Lindhard Pedersen, M. Bertelsen

Fruit-growing – Insect control

Effect of Quassan, a Quassia product, against sawflies (Hoplocampa testudinea)
A. Häseli, D. Zingg

Control of apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea) with extracts from Quassia amara L.: Quality and combination with NeemAzal-TS
J. Kienzle, B. Kopp, C. Schulz

Control of Adoxophyes orana F. v. R. with entomopathogens and NeemAzal-TS: first approach for optimal combination strategies
S. Kumpmann, J. Kienzle, C. P. W. Zebitz, A. Trapp, M. Kelderer

Fruit growing – Control of Sooty blotch

Sooty Blotch of Apple: Etiology and Management
T. B. Sutton, S. M. Williamson

First examinations to date the exactly time of infection of Sooty Blotch
S. Kern

Influence of application strategy of coconut soap on the development of Sooty Blotch on apple
J. G. Fuchs, A. Häseli, L. Tamm

Fruit growing – Control of harvest disease

Use of thermotherapy and natural antifungal compounds against post-harvest diseases on apples
G. Bompeix, D. Cholodowski-Faivre

Erste Ergebnisse der Heißwasserbehandlung an ökologisch erzeugten Äpfeln
H. Schirmer, Dr. B. Trierweiler

Efficacy and pertinence of heat treatments against Monilia Decay in commercial conditions
F. Warlop

Results of an experiment on storage diseases at the apple variety Pinova
B. Pfeiffer

Fruit growing – Control of apple scab

The post infection use of lime sulphur to control apple scab. Experiences in the Netherlands 1999-2002
M. Trapman

Control of Venturia inaequalis: substitutes for an reduced use of copper
G. Palm, K. Klopp, P. Kruse

Greenhouse-experiments on control of Venturia inaequalis – First results
B. Pfeiffer

Apfelschorfbekämpfung 2001 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Berostung
J. Zimmer

Mode of action of lime sulphur against apple-scab (Venturia inaequalis)
F. Zemmer, K. Marschall, M. Kelderer, R. Zelger

Inhibition of the germination of conidia from Venturia inaequalis using lime sulphur, sulphur, copper and Ulmasud in comparison to Dithianon
F. Zemmer, K. Marschall, M. Kelderer, R. Zelgerr

Fruit growing – fruit quality and fruit thinning

Parameters for apple quality and an outline for a new quality concept
J. Bloksma

Screening of agents for thinning blossoms of apple trees
B. Pfeiffer, F. Rueß

Results of 5 years of thinning trials with lime sulphur in South Tyrol
M. Kelderer, E. Lardschneider, C. Casera

Neem Azal TS against the cherry fruit moth Argyresthia pruniella L. in sour cherry
H. Rank

Viticulture – copper replacement and plant defence

Copper replacement in organic viticulture – state of the art in legislation and research
B. Berkelmann-Löhnertz

Biology of Plasmopara viticola – approach to a biological control of grapevine downy mildew
H.-H. Kassemeyer, C. Büche, S. Unger, B. Kiefer, K. Löffel, P. Nick, M. Riemann, R. Guggenheim, J. Rumbolz

Induced resistance: a strategy for the control of grape downy mildew?
G. Buchholz, H.-H. Kassemeyer, T. Selbicke

Grapevine berry phenolic compounds in relation with plant water status
A. Deloire, H. Ojeda, B. Federspiel, E. Kraeva, C. Andary

Disease-resistant vine varieties as a tool to minimize the use of copper
P. Basler

Viticulture – copper replacement by use of plant extracts and plant defence

About the use of antagonistic bacteria and fungi
R. Tilcher, C. Schmidt, D. Lorenz, G. A. Wolf

Use of Reynoutria sachalinensis plant extracts, clay preparations and Brovibacillus brevis against fungal diseases of grape berries
A. Schmitt, S. Kunz, S. Nandi, B. Seddon, A. Ernst

Fungicidal preparations from Inula viscosa
Y. Cohen, A. Baider, B. Ben-Daniel, Y. Ben-Daniel

Effects of plant extracts on downy mildew of vine-laboratory and field experiments
W. K. Kast

Evaluation of environmentally friendly products for control of fungal diseases of grapes
A. M.C. Schilder, J. M. Gillett, R. W. Sysak, J. C. Wise

Viticulture – practical experience in organic viticulture

Effects of different cultivation techniques on vineyard fauna
J. Mikulás, Cs. Kutasi, V. Markó, Cs., A. Balog

Kupferreduzierung im ökologischen Weinbau in Deutschland Feldversuche und praktische Erfahrungen
R. Kauer, M. Wolff, J. Uhl, M. Schmidt, B. Berkelmann-Löhnertz

Copper reduction and copper replacement – results and experiences of 12 years on farm research
U. J. H. Hofmann

Posters fruit-growing

Undergrowth of late summer sowings at the tree strip
J. Bloksma, P. J. Jansonius

Persistance of the biological effect of codling moth granulovirus in the orchard – preliminary field trials
J. Kienzle, C. Schulz, C. P. W. Zebitz, J. Huber

Influence of fungicides used in organic orchards on the net-photosynthesis of apple trees
R. Mittersteiner, M. Kelderer

Effects of a “Pflanzenstärkungsmittel” on yield influencing factors of apple, first results from the PR China
J. Kern

‘Classy Apple project’ to reduce the quality gab between supply and demand of organic apples
J. Bloksma, M. Zanen, P. J. Jansonius

Effect of root pruning on productivity and performance of the apple varieties “Jonagold” and “Elstar”
F. Ruess

Main problems and first approach for solutions in organic nursery production
J. Kienzle, B. Kopp, D. Schlüter, C. P. W. Zebitz

Testing of new strawberry varieties for organic production
U. Barth, A. Spornberger, R. Staffek, S. Blümel, J. Altenburger, H. Hausdorf

Medicinal plants in late blight management of organic potato
H. Krebs, B. Dorn, H.-R. Forrer

Replant problems in South Tyrol: role of fungal pathogens and microbial populations in conventional and organic apple orchards
L. M. Manici, M. Kelderer, G. Erschbaumer, F. Caputo, V. Babini, C. Casera

Organic horticulture research at HDRA
S. Knight

Lime sulfur as a flower thinning agent
J. Bloksma, P.J. Jansonius

Posters viticulture

Assay system to screen for compounds inducing PR-gene expression in grape vine (Vitis spec.)
T. Seibicke, A. Rügner, G. Neuhaus, H.-H. Kassemeyer, G. Buchholz

Ovules culture and plant formation of hybrid progeny of seedless grape
Qi Guimei, D. Hanfeng

Tests with Milsana and Brevibacillus brevis for side-effects against Typhlodromus pyri (Acari, Phytoseiidae) and Aphidius rhopalosiphi (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
M. Schuld, D. White, B. Seddon, A. Ernst, A. Schmitt

Cueva a new copper fungicide based on copper salts
R. Arndt, P. Baumjohann, H. Passon, A. Prokop

Lava granules – a way to improve the soil structure?
D. Rupp

Test and valuation of a new system for under-vine cultivation (Siegwald HS 1200) in organic viticulture
J. Pauly, H. D. Mohr



Organizing committee

Jutta Kienzle, Foeko e.V., Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Sabine Zikeli, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Prof. Dr. Claus P.W. Zebitz, Universität Hohenheim (D)
Dr. Markus Kelderer, Research Centre Laimburg (I)
Barbara Pfeiffer, LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Dr. Franz Ruess,  LVWO Weinsberg (D)
Sascha  Buchleither, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Dr. Ulrich Mayr, KOB Bavendorf (D)
Bart Timmermans, Louis Bolk Institute (NL)
Dr. Michael Friedli, FIBL (CH)
Francois Warlop, GRAB (F)
Dr. Peter Triloff, Marktgemeinschaft Bodenseeobst (D)
Hanne Lindhard, GartneriRådgivningen (DK)
Andreas Spornberger, BOKU Wien (AT)
Dr. Eligio Malusa, RIH Skierniewice (PL)